Kono is a volunteer-driven, non-profit and fair-trade project, working with women in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The women sew products, we sell them in Denmark and the whole profit goes back to the women in Sierra Leone. Our mission is to make women self-supporting and in that way become role models in the local community.

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Project REACT
REACT is a small-scale innovative NGO-project that aims to found and develop a central educational institution in Masanga in central Sierra Leone. REACT hopes to reduce poverty and strengthen democracy in the area by improving the level of education and extending the access to information, and thereby give the people of Masanga a more promising future.
Cafe Retro and Retro Nørrebro support this project by donating part of their profit.

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Dreamtown Project
Dreamtown project is a non-profit humanitarian educational project which operates in Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone. The purpose of the project is to provide good education and a better future for vulnerable youths.
Dreamtown Project is a partnership between the Danish organisation Foreningen Retro and the Freetown based Organisation – Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone (YDC). With funding from Retro, it has been possible to buy computers, cameras, bicycles and schooling material for the YDC.

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